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Wholesale CBD and Retail
Wholesale CBD and Retail
Be the first to offer Pure CBD Provider wholesale products in your area! You will be shocked at how many customers and patients are in need of wholesale hemp CBD products.Wholesale CBD and Retail Now you can meet the demand for high quality hemp CBD with our legal and affordable products.

Pure CBD Provider wholesale can be a great revenue opportunity for your business or medical practice. We use drop shipping to get high quality hemp CBD products to your customers in your company name and at no extra cost for you. With Med Mar Health CBD there’s no lack of stock or out-of-pocket costs, and no need to keep inventory. We make the process easy and as convenient as possible.

Choose Med Mar Health CBD to provide you with lab tested hemp Pure CBD Provider products for sale wholesale. It’s that easy!
Buy Wholesale Pure CBD Provider Products for Your Specific Needs
If you operate a practice or offer a related service, chances are you’ve heard a lot about hemp CBD products. That’s why now is the perfect time to offer high quality Pure CBD Provider products to your customers or patients.

Medical practice
Healthcare professional
Retail chain
Nutritional product store
Holistic medical center or practitioner

Your customers or patients deserve superior wholesale hemp CBD products. Wholesale CBD and Retail Now you can provide exactly that with the help of Med Mar Health CBD!
See the Benefits of the Med Mar Health CBD Wholesale Program

As one of our hemp CBD-rich wholesale distributors, you’ll get more than our quality wholesale hemp CBD products. We provide you with all the services and conveniences to save your business time and money:

We provide you with a completely convenient service. Wholesale CBD and Retail Never lack of stock or out-of-pocket costs, and no need to store and manage inventory. Our wholesale drop shipping includes handling and packaging of your orders. Simply offer the products to your customers or patients, collect payment, and we will ship the order in your name and charge your account with us. No hassle—just quick, simple, and efficient service.

We answer all customer questions. If your patients or customers have questions, we are ready to answer them. There is a lot about hemp CBD that people don’t know about, and we can provide the right information to ensure they keep coming back to your business again and again.

We provide all brochures and needed information. An informed customer is a happy customer. Our special email updates will tell your customers everything they need to know about our lab-tested, GMO-free, high quality hemp CBD!

What Is Private Labeling?

Private labeling refers to the manufacturing of products from one company to be sold under another company’s brand. In short, we empower you to create, brand and sell your very own hemp products wholesale through our services.

What to Expect with Our Pure CBD Provider Private Labeling

First, fill out our obligation-free form.
Shortly after the form has been submitted, one of our market experts will get in touch with you to discuss specific details about the products we currently have on offer for private labeling or the possibility of creating a custom formula to be used exclusively for your brand.
Once we have established the product, we will provide you with a template so you can create the artwork and accompanying material for your new products.
You will be required to review and authorize all material with your own FDA-compliant party to ensure complete compliance with state and federal laws.
We may make minor adjustments to the label design (at no additional cost) so that it perfectly fits the product.
We email you a proof of the final label, incorporating any adjustments, for you to approve and verify that everything is in perfect order before use.
With everything is approved and paid, we will send all required data to production.

CBD Custom Manufacturing (Project Manufacturing)

Do you have an idea for a new CBD product which requires a custom formulation and made-to-order manufacturing? We are here to help.

We can assist you in envisioning and formulating a new product that might become the next big thing in the rapidly expanding market of hemp oil supplements.

We manufacture hemp-infused CBD tinctures, vape oils, edibles, gummies, and more. Whichever you are looking to manufacture, we can make it while always adhering to FDA regulations as well as state and federal laws.

Your custom hemp derived CBD supplement will be a unique product made exclusively for you, and the formulation will be your own business secret.
CBD Project Manufacturing (What to Expect)

Everything begins with filling out our partner form or a call to our office to discuss the specifications of the project you have in mind.
From there, we will need to establish whether you are providing the formula or want us to formulate a custom supplement for you.
We discuss all variables, including the type, taste, size, and ingredients of the end product.
We also discuss the label and brand name to be used, as we are able to offer you competitive private labeling options.
Based on the above variables, we determine the size of the minimum order and send you a quote.
We create a mockup of the final product and send it to you for approval before we begin.
We receive a 50%-70% upfront payment and the product goes immediately into production.
With the production concluded, we use our trading channels to ship the end product to you.
Congratulations! You now have your unique, made-to-order custom-formulated hemp-derived CBD powered supplement to take the market by storm.

Laboratory Certified

All supplements and nutritional products manufactured by Pure CBD Provider are laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency – we retain the test results to prove it.

Here at Pure CBD Provider, we strive to offer only the most eclectic, trusted, and effective hemp supplements. Upon request, we can readily provide our clients with certificates of analysis (COAs) for all the products we distribute.
Pure CBD Provider Hemp Oil Laboratory Facility

Additional Details

There are no refunds and all sales are final on custom formulation orders.
Production time lasts for a minimum of two weeks based on the volume of your order.
Wholesale Orders

Pure CBD Provider is the leading wholesale provider of industrial-hemp-based nutritional supplements and products.

Our production team is always on top of this rapidly growing market by making improvements when needed and establishing new hemp products for you to offer your customers. We develop and produce our brands at our lab in Michigan.

If you’re looking for wholesale hemp oil, this assures you that you’re getting the best deal possible on these popular products.

Why Your Customers Will Love Our Products

We work with companies of all sizes. From large corporations to local supplement stores, veterinary clinics to natural wellness centers. Regardless of your business here’s why your customers will love our products:

Hemp oil products, specifically full-spectrum oil products, are enjoying a huge rise in popularity. Thanks to the incredible benefits of hemp oil, countless people have improved their lives, and the demand for quality hemp supplements is now soaring!
Pure CBD Provider Wholesale boasts the highest standards in the market, with third-party laboratory tests, certificates on demand, and in-house testing for quality and value for money to ensure only the absolute best for our customers.
Acquire your customers’ attention by offering our brands, ready-to-go in a huge selection of sizes, strengths and flavors.
We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help your business become profitable in trading hemp supplements. Our services include attractive wholesale options, private labeling, custom formulation, and dropshipping.

Why Choose Pure CBD Provider Wholesale?

When you buy hemp oil [wholesale] with us, you’ll be working with the leader in hemp-derived product distribution and will enjoy the support of one of the most robust trading networks in the market. A market that is enjoying a skyrocketing increase over the past few years. We are your one-stop shop for quality lab-tested industrial hemp products.

We offer a wide selection of products at the best price point possible, including vape oils, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, skin care, and more from popular brands such as Tasty Hemp Oil, Alternate Vape, Made By Hemp, Abinoid Botanicals, and more.

Our team possesses unparalleled and intimate knowledge of the most popular and best-selling hemp-derived products, and we pride ourselves as the nation’s foremost hemp and CBD oil wholesale experts. Our brands are proudly made by our trusted, knowledgeable production team at our FDA-registered Michigan facility.

Thanks to our unique experience and strong trading network, we can offer you a low barrier to entry in this lucrative market, especially when compared to many other companies in the market.

In addition to the low barrier of entry, we offer businesses comprehensive start-to-finish help in getting their hemp supplement business off the ground. We are here to assist you throughout the process – your success is our success!

Our support includes a wide range of marketing materials, dropshipping and fulfillment services, and other value-added services.
How to Get Started Ordering Wholesale Pure CBD Provider oil

Begin by filling out the no-obligation partner form.

Once you’ve submitted it, our market specialists will get in touch to finalize any details and answer all your questions. Your order will ship right away.

Please note that you need to possess a legal trading license according to your respective state and federal laws. International clients must provide relevant local licensing and legal information according to the laws and regulations of their base of operations.

We look forward to hearing from you, answering some questions, and of course sharing any educational materials to benefit your employees and future customers.

We Fulfill: We label and ship your private label products for you

Fulfillment Options and Minimum Order Quantities

You Fulfill: We ship your private label products to you. You are responsible for warehousing and shipping to your customers.

Minimum: 100 units per SKU
See pricing in the wholesale catalog
Minimum: $3000
$1.10 pick and pack fee per item
$8 for USPS first class shipping or $12 for priority
Warehouse fees will also apply. Contact Pure CBD Provider
for pricing.

Ready to join our wholesale Pure CBD Provider program?
Just download the WHOLESALE APPLICATION FORM below or send us request email via info@pure-cbdprovider.com to get started or call for a complimentary consultation:+1(628) 232-1092,Whatsapp:+1(628) 232-1092

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