Banana Taffy by BIG SMOKEY FARMS

9 Tins ($35/Tin)

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Banana Taffy Powered by BIG SMOKEY FARMS

Big Smokey Farms Banana Taffy comes in an easy-to-transport, nitrogen-sealed can for maximum freshness. Each 3.5-gram Nitrogen Sealed Can contains 3.5 grams of premium, award-winning flower. Big Smokey Farms Banana Taffy is a 2017 Michigan Cannabis Cup first-place award winner for best product.Tested at over an incredible 30% THC, this stuff is extremely potent! Smells like banana taffy and has a nice banana flavor! Comes sealed in a can for maximum freshness!1st Place HighTimes Cup Winner Nitrogen Sealed 1/8 Can. An indica dominant hybrid guaranteed to please the taste buds. This a 100% premium product exclusively offered by pure CBD provider.

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9 x 3 5 grams Tin 315


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